Why Choose NODA?

Other than the fact that we pour our heart and soul into this great sport, NODA offers some of the longest seasons around. 10-12 weeks is standard for us, and 50+ minutes of playing time each week makes it extra fun. NODA only focuses on the sport of dodgeball, so you can bet our league won't get diluted with a bunch of other sports. Most importantly, though, NODA knows how to have a good time off the court. We are a family, and we believe in helping each other out, partying together, experiencing life together, and giving back to the community together.

We'd like to welcome you into our DodgeFam!

Also, new players get a massive discount with code NODANEWBIE!


NODA Party's

Sleep. Drink. Dodge. Repeat. That pretty much sums us all up.

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Giving back to our community. We are more than just a sport.

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Want to start winning? Check out our tips to ensure victory!

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It's good to be prepared. Know our rules & don't fall behind.

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