NODA is happy to serve the New Orleans area with the first & only adult dodgeball league, fully focused on the growth of this incredible sport. We have been involved with the dodgeball community for years, and are proud to connect the rest of New Orleans to that community.

Why is dodgeball so great? It’s the most exhilarating sport out there! There isn’t a lot of standing around on a field. You actually get to be active and focused most of the time. There is a place for everyone, as free agents and people that are new to town make so many friends in this league. Even if you’ve never played, just come by and dodgeballers are always happy to welcome you.

NODA also knows how to party. After our matches, we typically get a ton of people at the bar, where we set up bar games, and get great food and drink specials. Not only that, but we recognize that the community around us is important, and dodgeball isn’t everything, so we organize service projects and other types of social gatherings.

We’d like to welcome you into our #dodgeballfamily! Feel free to email us for more info